Scope of the Conference


An industrial tool can be described as one of the most important driving forces of modern manufacturing technologies and industrial development. More than half of all production companies world-wide depend heavily on high quality support of tool manufacturing companies. Production tools have a major influence on costs and properties of products, as well as on properties of production processes, such as productivity and reliability.

Economy is presently encountering a turbulent period of the global economy crisis. Therefore tool development and production are facing a number of tough challenges, such as cost reduction, shorter product development cycles, increasingly complex components, higher standards of precision and reliability, etc.

Throughout the years, the ICIT&MPT conference has developed into a unique event, attracting researchers from the respected fields of material processing and production technologies, together with experts in all supporting activities that are crucial for a successful operation of a tool shop, a research laboratory or a technology transfer centre. The 8th edition of ICIT&MPT will remain strongly focused on industrial tooling and material processing technologies. New material processing and tool manufacturing technologies, virtual manufacturing, production systems, intelligence systems, rapid tooling, tools for flexible and small quantity production, management of tool making, new materials and their treatment and concurrent engineering will be discussed during the gathering of respected specialists, engineers, renowned researchers and scientists coming from industry, research institutions and academia.

The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for an exchange of information and knowledge about recent developments and state-of-the-art innovations in tool manufacturing and material processing technologies. As collaboration is the key to success in the dynamic business environment we are facing today, ICIT&MPT 2011 will focus primarily on this particular aspect. A B2B brokerage event will be organized, where attending companies and research entities will have a chance to present the focus of their present and future R&Ds and meet the decision makers from Slovene tool manufacturing companies, all with the aim of creating new R&D and production partnerships.

The organizers will also invite our respected guests to an industrial visit to a selected Slovenian company to present how a small economy can find business opportunities and remain a successful global player and competitive partner of global production companies.

Therefore, you are cordially invited to join us in Slovenia, on the sunny side of the Alps!