Well done Nika! 03:04:2015

It is our great honour that we were a part of the story when Nika started her successful career as an industrial designer years ago. We congratulate her at her newest achievement. Well done, Nika!

Nika je oblikovala linijo SpellWorks za japonsko podjetje Francfranc (foto Francfranc)Nika designed a complete line of household products SpellWorks for Japanese company Francfranc, comprised of items from tableware ranging to furniture pieces. She showed a lot of courage and the right approach already at beginning of her career as besides the shape she was very interested also in production technologies and materials. This is what eventually brought her to our company.

We sincerely congratulate her for her latest achievement and at the same time wish her all the best on her journey!

(source: RTVslo.si, foto: Francfranc)

Nika's website: www.nikazupanc.com


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