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Projekt BIOPLASTICTRAIN 24:11:2016

TECOS, Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre started a Strategic Partnership with the leading organisation - AITIIP Technology Centre (Spain) and other reputable partners such as Fraunhofer (Germany), UNIPI (Italy) and Tecnopackaging (Spain), within the European ERASMUS+ project BIOPLASTICTRAIN (New training contents for plastic transformation technicians about bioplastics and biopolymers). Project officially started with the 1st of November 2016 and will be continued for another two years. The introductory kick-off meeting was organised by the Coordinator AITIIP in Zaragoza, Spain from 8th until 9th of November 2016.


BIOPLASTICTRAIN project aims to develop the training contents for bioplastic injection technicians. To carry out this objective we will create different trainings, perform dissemination of project results, celebrate project meetings, a common training workshop and finally two different conferences, of which one will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Key results of the Bioplastictrain project will be the e-learning platform and the training contents available online and free for everyone. The training units, including the SoA of biopolymer materials and processing technologies will be the following: IO1: Bioplastics and biopolimers (delivered by Pisa University - UNIPI), IO2: Extrusion compounding (delivered by TECNOPACKAGING), IO3: Injection moulding (delivered by TECOS), IO4: Blow extrusion moulding (delivered by AITIIP), IO5: Biocoatings (delivered by Fraunhofer ISC).