Slovenian plastics companies want the gradual introduction of biopolymer materials 18:10:2018

Transnational Eco-Event: Drivers and outcomes of European Eco-Design  initiatives proved to be an excellent opportunity for designing the initial plans of companies for the gradual transition from the processing of conventional plastics to the processing of biopolymer materials. TECOS received a clear message with participation and interest in the topic that Slovenian companies also want to follow the trend of responsible and sustainable operation.

Eco event-14This was confirmed at Celeia Hotel on 17 October 2018, as the companies used the event to collect information on trends and guidelines for future operations, a gradual and soft transition to the use of materials from renewable sources and the introduction of a circular economy model. The participants of the international eco event, were particular aware of the impact of the increasingly stringent legislative provisions on long-term business, while they were also interested in guidelines, what kind of development and legislative initiatives, expect changes 

Within the event Drivers and outcomes of European Eco-Design initiatives, we succeeded in linking projects and speakers to TECOS with illustrative examples of good practices in the processing of waste materials and ways of using them for industrial purposes. By presenting activities already in progress in this field, participants also received answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as: why the concept of the circular economy and biopolymers are not more present in the industry, why the share of recycling is still so small and whether the reason for this is lack of knowledge and time to implement new approaches.

The participants were particularly positive about the possibility of active involvement in various online platforms, in which we have also participated in TECOS as part of our leadership and partnership approach. These provide not only information on the processing of biopolymers, eco-approaches (Bioplastictrain, Ecosign), industrial symbiosis (Symbi and Retrace - INTERREG EUROPE, Moveco - INTERREG Danube), but also provide them with free training in the field of biopolymer introduction.

The positive and constructive atmosphere at the event itself confirmed the expectations that companies and organisations involved in the processing of plastics would like more of such events and, in particular, concrete and credible information on the sustainable use of raw materials.

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