Slovenian companies with their solutions in the additive manufacturing field are pushing the boundaries of possible and creating many new business opportunities 22:04:2020

Two of the first results of the SAMANTHA project (Skills in Additive MANufacturing for the Toolmaking and HAbitat Sectors) are a project leaflet and a report in which the partners identify what technical knowledge and cross-related skills are desirable in employee training curricula and whether the current training offer is in line with labor market needs. 

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The project goals and partners are also briefly presented inside the project leaflet, which can be viewed in full HERE.

The activities we completed in April this year relate mainly to the report on the situation and development of additive manufacturing in the toolmaking and habitat sector, and training in these areas: high-tech T-skills and competencies in different professions (and the mismatch between needs and offered training). We have produced a report detailing the current situation in each of the countries from which the project partners come.

As can be seen from the report, the increase in the number of 3D printers in Slovenia has contributed to the emergence of many innovative companies that push the boundaries of the possible in the field of additive manufacturing solutions and create many new business opportunities.Additive technologies are written on the skin of many innovators and innovative companies in the realization of daring ideas.

In Slovenia, companies are mostly specialized in custom 3D printing and after more than 25 years of operation they don’t know about the impossible challenges, despite the fact that it is necessary to invest a lot of time and effort in training employees in the field of additive manufacturing.Companies in the toolmaking and habitat sector produce both simpler and more demanding products, but they always adhere to agreed deadlines and strive for ultimate customer satisfaction.

The full report, which was created under the SAMANTHA project is available HERE.


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