Protocols and Strategies for extending the useful Life of major capital investments and Large Industrial Equipment | H2020 06:04:2021

LEVEL-UP will offer a scalable platform covering the overall lifecycle, ranging from the digital twins’ setup, modernisation actions to diagnose and predict the operation of physical assets, to the refurbishment and remanufacturing activities towards the end of life. In-situ repair technologies and the redesign for new upgraded components will be facilitated through virtual simulations for increased performance and lifetime.

During the 6 first months of the project, the strong focus has been put around the pilot lines' needs, their modernization process and the Circular Protocols' deployment. LEVEL-UP project has been mainly divided in 5 technical blocks: (i) CPSization, (ii) Knowledge Management, (iii) Digital Twins and Simulation, (iv) End-of-Life Strategies and (v) Inspection. Each pilot line has defined its needs within each of these blocks, collecting in total 93 technical requirements. Now, the pilot lines will be further designed based on the technical and economic feasibility of these requirements' implementation and the LEVEL-UP system architecture, which we consider one of the key results of the project, as it includes and connects all the tools and components that will be developed by the different partners. The LEVEL-UP architecture is currently under definition, overcoming two existing major challenges in our project: the inclusion of the ‘EoL or Remedial actions’, as we know them, the ‘physical actions’, which will allow us to address the equipment components' deficiencies, and the fact that each pilot line has its own manufacturing operating system for improving process performance.


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Work has also advanced on the 10 LEVEL-UP Circular Protocols interpretation, especially for the EoL-related protocols (Repair, Remanufacturing, Refurbishment and Upgrade); the results expected and their deployment in each of the 7 pilot lines through the Digital Thread. Besides, each Protocol working group, coordinated by the related-matter expert partner, will work towards the definition of all the actions and processes to be applied each time a protocol is triggered. In parallel, the process of triggering and linking the different protocols among them, depending on the industrial equipment and their components/spare-parts' functional conditions is now also being designed.

Nevertheless, the e-meeting could be held, and thanks to all partners' collaboration, key technical issues were discussed, and a short-term plan was made, so LEVEL-UP project's progress can continue without difficulties for the moment.

Of course, the biggest risk foreseen for now are the COVID-19 restrictions regarding facilities and workers' access, which might have an impact on the preliminary equipment CPSization actions, affecting especially our pilot lines work.  Unluckily, all the technical visits organized from April to June for all the partners involved in each of the demonstrators will have to be rescheduled for when this worldwide critical situation ceases. 


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