TECOS among new members of Russian Slovene business club 06:06:2014

Recently we joined the Russian Slovene Club of Businessmen. The step was a natural consequence of a cooperation started in last October through Automotive Cluster of Slovenia.

In Togliatti is a large potential for cooperation of Slovenian industry, also for toolmaking. Kliknite za obisk spletne strani klubaThe Russian automotive Giant Avtovaz has big plans, shortly they will use joint platform with Renault-Nissan for their new generation of vehicles, which has naturally launched a new development and investment cycle.

In October 2013 we have participated on their local automotive conference in Togliatti, shortly after a large business delegation from Samara region led by their Minister of Economical Development visited Slovenia and also TECOS. In future we will try to help our members in cooperation with ACS if they have an intention of doing business for and in Russia.

visit samara-delegation nov2013 05

Russian delegation visiting TECOS

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