Good Impressions from the visit to Hungary 23:09:2014

On 22nd September 2014 we took part in business delegation to Hungary organised by Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. The attendance at the event was very good and we managed to make new contacts.

Our first impression is that the Hungarian market is very specific. They are extremely open to foreign investment and thus managed to attract a large number of large OEMs from various industrial branches, but this is nothing new, of course. These OEMs feature also some of the largest car manufacturers and other large manufacturing companies which is for sure also a consequence of lower labour cost than in Slovenia. Although the data from both countries differs a bit, the trade between Slovenia and Hungary was roughly under 2 billion EUR in 2013, slightly in Hungarian favour. Therefore we can conclude that opportunities for cooperation between Slovenian and Hungarian markets exist and have to be seized in a larger manner. 

For Hungarian companies Slovenian market can offer lots of advantages, we highlight some of them:

  • Slovenia has a long tradition in manufacturing with highly skilled working and engineering staff
  • toolmaking, metal working and material processing branches feature a large number of small and medium companies, tier 1 - 3 suppliers and some OEMs
  • extremely well developed support environment in terms of highly specialised engineering service bureaus and faculty departments
  • good school system with a long tradition
  • modern equipment and machinery

For more information on Slovenian market you can contact us directly: Dr. Dominik Kobold (

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