TECOS taking over the role of Industrial association of toolmakers 28:10:2014

As of this year TECOS is taking over an active role of industrial association of Slovenian toolmakers. The reason for this was clearly expressed interest by leading representatives of toolmaking branch in Slovenia.

The latter have expressed a wish to establish a competent institutional support with a goal of protecting the interests of toolmakers both on domestic and international market. The same goes for other companies and educational research institutions which are in any way connected to toolmaking,

TECOS is thus in a way becoming the main toolmaking institution in Slovenia which will beside its technical support do the following:

  • proactively servising the interests of our members and the branch as a whole;
  • performing promotion of toolmaking at home and abroad and
  • actively co-create the ISTMA Europe activities and policies.

Last, but not least, TECOS is also becoming the main link to Slovenian toolmaking.

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