TECOS is joining new INTERREG project: S3HubsinCE 28:02:2019

Central Europe has a high potential of transnational cooperation opportunities to promote the bottom-up implementation of RIS3 strategies, however most of these opportunities remain unexploited.

19-02-28TECOS intereg

The goal of the INTERREG project: S3HubsinCE - Unleashing the potential of transnational cooperation, through Digital Innovation Hubs, to promote RIS3 implementation is to unleash this potential, by generating a common transnational support structure, based on a model of Digital Innovation Hubs, which will create stronger links between RIS3 stakeholders and promote stronger, strategic collaboration between these triple-helix, and where relevant quadruple-helix institutions. The Hubs will generate cross-helix perspectives on a series of CE-relevant TPA (Technology Priority Areas: i.e. factory and process automation, biotechnology/medical devices, photonics sensing technologies, advanced materials and nanotechnology etc.), and promote policy recommendations based on the evidence of tangible, tested cooperation and pilot actions.

The project in general fosters an action-oriented approach to optimise RIS3 strategies and connect them for a solid base to establish a continuous high potential cooperation area for research-technology innovation and respective business development.


19-02-28 interreg CE


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