Project INTERREG: S3HubsinCE launched with a two-day meeting 18:04:2019

TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre hosted the kick-off meeting as one of the partners in the INTERREG: S3HubsinCE project. The two-day meeting was dedicated to aligning the various contents and developing a common understanding of the project’s objectives as well as to socialising, networking and deciding on the future steps.

19-04-17 tecos S3HubsinCE 2

There is a high potential for transnational cooperation in central Europe to promote the bottom-up implementation of smart specialisation strategies (RIS3), but much of it remains unexploited. This is exactly what project partners in the INTERREG: S3HubsinCE project – Releasing the potential of transnational cooperation through digital innovation hubs for promoting the implementation of RIS3 are determined to achieve.

The priority in facilitating successful achievement of project goals was therefore to align expectations and understanding of the project objectives and agree on the indicators and activities to be conducted in the course of the project.

Find out more about the INTERREG: S3HubsinCE project HERE.


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