MARTINA project celebrates its Final Conference by presenting over the 120 technological innovations. 11:06:2019

By launching the final conference of the MARTINA project, TECOS together with the project partners completed the three-year research and development period, which brought over 120 innovations in the field of advanced materials. MARTINA - MAteRials and Technologies for New Applications was recognized as one of the most prominent Slovenian business-technological model of cooperation, vital in the contribution of new knowledge in the field of material science and successful practice example of the efficacious cooperation between the industry and knowledge institutions.


Presentation of the final project results was celebrated in company TPV Group in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, highlighting the 86 novel process solutions, eight new commercial products, for almost 3 million euros of new investments, over the 3.6 million euros granted contributions in research and development, 46 new mentors and 106 scientific publications.

Within the framework of the MARTINA project, TECOS has been involved in the development of new multicomponent polymer materials that are searching their application values in the automotive, fast moving consumer goods, packaging and medical industries. We have also participated in the development of novel high strength tool steels with improved machinability and polishing properties, and in fast prototyping technologies by optimizing the SLS printed prototype moulds with conformal cooling to achieve the optimal properties of final injected products.

The project worth of 9.63 million euros was created on the initiative of the Strategic Council for Metallurgy and in close synergy with the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership - SRIP MatPRO "Materials as final products". MARTINA alliance involved 16 partners, under the leadership of the The Institute of Metals and Technology (IMT). The project consortium also consisted the Kolektor Group, Impol, Sij Metal Ravne, Talum, Štore Steel, TPV, Zlatarna Celje, Development Center Jesenice (RCJ), TECOS, Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies SPACE-SI, National Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor, and the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG).

Some photo indications from the MARTINA closing event can be found in the photo gallery below.

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