LIFE CEPLAFIB project celebrates the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting and 2nd Monitor Visit 30:07:2019

The third project meeting within the LIFE CEPLAFIB consortium was held between on 11th and 12th of July, 2019. It was organized by our industrial partner ADRIA MOBIL, which is responsible for the implementation of final prototype products for the automotive sector.


The meeting took place at the premises of ADRIA MOBIL, where the project partners were acquainted with the ongoing activities and project results. The following steps, needed for successful implementation of the set objectives were also defined. According to the project timeline, the optimal composite material formulation was developed and the first batch of the composite granulate was prepared by technological centre AITIIP from Spain. The prepared material was intended for the first processing trials with the injection moulding and thermoforming technology. Mechanical properties of the CEPLAFIB composites indicate promising material with potential wide range of application, while the first thermoforming tests indicated a suitable production conditions.

New composites are based on recycled PP or PE and reinforced with waste fibres of newsprint. Products made of the new material will be used in various sectors, e.g. automotive (ADRIA MOBIL), packaging (ECOPULP) and construction (ITB) industry. After closing the technical sessions all project partners visited the production lines of ADRIA MOBIL and were informed about the final installation of the CEPLAFIB demonstrators. On Friday all the participants went on a guided tour to the recycling lines of the third Slovenian project partner, company OMAPLAST, where they were acquainted with the procedure of recycling waste plastics and all the stages necessary for the revalorization of waste into a secondary material resource e.g. recycled polyolefins (PP and PE), which will be used as a matrices for the production of reinforced composites via extrusion compounding technology.




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