European Advanced Manufacturing (ADMA) Project to help SMEs with their steps towards becoming 'Factories of the future' 20:08:2019

The European Commission has launched an importan pan-European project to establish a European Advanced Manufacturing (ADMA) Support Centre to help SMEs assess the possibility of adopting advanced manufacturing solutions and transforming their organisation towards next-generation factories with more competitive, modern and sustainable production.

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The European ADMA Support Centre will focus on facilitating the access of SMEs to technological, organisational, financial as well as business model expertise available within the consortium and their broader ecosystem. As the technological expertise of a downstream SME is often quite limited, they often do not exactly know what knowledge, services and equipment is required for their demand. The European ADMA Support Centre will therefore centralize the SMEs request and offer personal contact with Factories of the Future advisors.

In Slovenia TECOS – The Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre plays an important role in cooperating towards methodology development and the establishment of the learning network for successfull know-how interaction. While TECOS remains active within Slovenia, i.e. on national level, it serves as a competence and advisory centre for interested SMEs in the technical fields mentioned above, namely advanced manufacturing technologies and the principles to be followed in order to raise the existing practices of Slovenian companies to the 'factories of the future' (FF) level.Up to this point the project remains on good course in Slovenia. TECOS managed to attract a number of interested Slovenian industrial producers, who will, during the course of the project, perform the technological/business scans, neccessary to grant a comprehensive insight into the companies' needs for advisory actions in later stages. This is also vital information needed in order to deliver pan-European comparison between companies – this is based on and made possible by the unified scanning methodology. The crucial information arising from this activities is basically a real-time evaluation of the state of implementation of technologies and principles to implement in order to become next-generation companies (factories of the future).

The study started in June 2018 and will be conducted in a 36-month period. The consortium includes both technological and non-technological partners. MADE (Denmark), FME from the Netherlands, ECM/It’s OWL from Germany, AFIL from Italy and Agoria from Belgium are all very important stakeholders close to regional and national authorities in their country. The technology partners will be instrumental in approaching (and interacting with) SMEs to define their industrial needs and implement a transformation plan within their company. These technology partners (TNO from the Netherlands, SIRRIS from Belgium, DTI from Denmark, Eurecat from Spain, CETIM from France, TECOS from Slovenia and PIAP from Poland) have a long tradition of technology transfer and cooperation with the industry. The consortium also integrates non-technological partners like communication experts (Old Continent, Latitude Events), outreach and learning network partners (FundingBox, IDEA Consult), and so forth.


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