The ADMA project offers an opportunity to learn about the latest Technologies of the Factories of the Future 25:02:2020

As part of the ADMA (European Advanced Manufacturing Support Center) project, of which TECOS is also a partner, three Learning Network events will be organized in March to showcase the latest technologies within the Factories of the Future. Participation is mainly recommended for directors and executives.

The following ADMA LNEs will take place in March:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improving productivity – Barcelona (Spain), 2. 3. 2020. Companies registered at this stage: SUINSA; Metalogenia SA; SALICRU S.A.; CELSA GROUP; Ecohoe Solutions; CELSA Group
  • De- and Remanufacturing – Milan/Bergamo (Italy), 4. 3. 2020. Companies registered at this stage: GFM SpA; RELIGHT; FERAGAME SRL; COMET - Cluster Metalmeccanica FVG; Grundfos (DK); TRANSVISION SRL (RO); ATech d.o.o. (SO)
  • Intelligent factory logistics, Poznan (Poland), 26. 3. 2020. Companies registered at this stage: no company registered.  


March, 2nd 2020

March, 4th 2020

March, 26th 2020


Barcelona (Spain)


Milan (Italy)

Poznan (Poland)


T2 – Digital Factory

T6 – Smart Manufacturing

T3 – ECO Factory

T6 – Smart Manufacturing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improving productivity

De- and Remanufacturing

Intelligent factory logistics

Peer learning session topics

· AI for predictive maintenance/quality/scheduling

· Deep Learning for identification

· AI in Robotics

· Creating new materials from waste of production process

· Artificial Intelligence applied to de-manufacturing

· Unmanned intralogistics solutions

· Virtual and augmented reality solutions

Host company and company visit

ABB Standard cells production Factory. This factory is fully digitalized, applying AI in their manufacturing processes.

RIVIERASCA, the Italian industry leader in Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (PRFV) laminates

CBiRNT (learning factory on intralogistics and connected VR/AR solutions) &

Volkswagen plant in Września



Invitation and agenda

Invitation and agenda

Invitation and agenda

Registration form





As you can see above (see the list of registered companies for each event), there are still some places available, especially for the event on Intelligent Intralogistics. The programmes are very promising and we are very confident it will deliver high added-value to participants. Companies coming from outside the hosting country can receive a 200 euros lumpsum for travel and subsistence costs.

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