LIFE BioTHOP project, in which TECOS is participating as a project partner, announces the first photo contest, through which you can win some practical awards. The thematic of this competition is HOPS & ENVIRONMENT, which covers the importance of the sustainable production for our beautiful and healthy environment and the co-existence of the agriculture, residents and animals.

TECOS BioTHOP photo contest

You are kindly invited to capture the goals of the LIFE BioTHOP project through your photo lens, which might tackles the environmental awareness, economic empowerment, waste reduction, the beauty of your home region, perhaps innovative environmental solutions or other sustainable impacts through which you and other individuals can make a significant contribution to our all environmental responsibility. The contents and goals of our project can be found at

An individual may participate with a maximum of two (2) photos by sending them to the email address The e-mail address of the author will be used for further contact regarding notification of the results. The deadline for submitting your photos is the 30th of September 2020. The Commission will select 20 photographs and publish them on the BioTHOP project's Facebook page.

The click count for each photo will decide the winners. At the end of 2020 the authors of 3 winning photos will receive certificates detailing their participation and level of achievement in the competition together with prizes Life BioTHOP project. The prize will contain products made from winning photos, including calendar 2021, kitchen cloth, 50 postcards made from the author's winning photo and LIFE BioTHOP project promotional material.

You can get all the further details of the competition rules HERE.

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