TECOS successfully obtained the ISO 9001 certificate 17:08:2021

As one of the key challenges in the coming year 2021, the TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre has set itself the standardization of product design processes, measurements, simulations, prototyping and production. The process of obtaining the ISO 9001 standard, which we started at the end of last year, has been successfully completed. TECOS has thus completed a step towards formally ensuring the highest quality standards.


Successfully completed assessment of eligibility for the ISO 9001: 2015 standard was one of the key objectives of TECOS in the field of ensuring the highest quality in the field of engineering services. Through the process of obtaining a globally valid quality management system standard, TECOS has upgraded moral commitment to quality service delivery. "We are convinced that the implementation of the ISO 9001 standard by standardizing the processes of product design, measurement, simulation, prototyping and production provides our customers with additional security," said the managing director of TECOS, dr. Aleš Hančič. Namely, ISO 9001 provides clients with a clear focus on ensuring all eight principles of quality management:

  • customer focus,
  • leadership,
  • employee involvement,
  • process approach,
  • a systematic approach to management,
  • continuous improvement,
  • fact-based decision-making,
  • mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.


Plans to implement the ISO 9001 standard by June 2021 have materialized. We are proud to be able to back up our moral commitment to the highest quality with a certificate and give our clients additional security to work with a company that provides the highest quality product design, measurements, simulations, prototyping and production.


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