LEVEL-UP extends the lifetime of production lines by at least 15 years and also enables significant savings for companies 30:06:2021

The LEVEL-UP project upgrades existing production lines and extends their useful lifetime. Automation, digitalisation and rapid technological development have a common goal - greater added value and competitiveness on global markets. TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre recognized one of these opportunities to upgrade existing production machines; together with 32 partners we joined the international LEVEL-UP consortium, which is funded by Horizon 2020 and is worth more than 17 million.

With the help of installing and the correctly setting up intelligent sensors on individual industrial machines (a total of 7 pilot industrial machines from different production areas are included in the project), such as CNC machining, extrusion, pultrusion, hydraulic presses…) we will extend their efficiency and profitability.


The use of a new generation of sensors and associated systems for the needs of digitization and real-time monitoring of production in accordance with the guidelines of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) enables great savings in material and energy consumption, maintenance procedures i.e. servicing, increasing efficiency and production availability. Simultaneously, we ensure higher product quality and better control and optimization of the production process in real time. Our project partner ISOKON is a great example; the project plans to upgrade their extrusion machines or rather their entire extrusion line. They want to implement the developed solutions on younger extrusion lines; fully digitize machinery and production.

However, we should highlight that the upgrade solution is not for every production process. The purchase prices of a new production machine play a decisive role in considering whether to upgrade production capacities or replace them with new ones. For machines worth more than €250,000, the investment savings can be greater. This depends mainly on reviewing the state of existing machinery (openness of the controller, the state of the sensors and actuators and other mechatronic components) and the expected solution. With lower purchase prices of new machines, it is worth considering whether upgrading an old machine is a sensible solution at all.


At TECOS, we are extremely proud that the upgrade of existing production lines with the I4.0 concept is the result of home-grown knowledge and international cooperation. The TECOS team has adopted specific practical knowledge and purposed innovative solutions in previous national and international R&D projects, as well as in the framework of our own development and project cooperation. This enables us to implement innovative solutions in other production areas that are not necessarily related to processing polymeric materials. We want to share this valuable knowledge and experience with others, especially Slovenian manufacturing companies, which, given the actual needs or interest and willingness of competition to implement such targeted solutions in accordance with I4.0 guidelines.

The LEVEL-UP project is funded by Horizon 2020 and brings together 32 partners. It is worth a total of more than 17 million. The project aims to develop innovative solutions, strategies and protocols to extend the life of capital investments and large industrial equipment. After the completion of the project, certain solutions will certainly be patented, while others will be marketed in large numbers in similar areas according to the needs of interested companies.


If you are thinking of upgrading and extending the life of your production line, dr. Dragan Kusić at the e-mail address dragan.kusic@tecos.si.






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