Research Staff

  • Research Group for Toolmaking (SICRIS: 1522-001) +

  • Head: Dr. Aleš Hančič +

    Field: Production technologies and systems / Manufacturing technology

    Dr. Ales Hančič is the Managing Director of TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre. He has more than 12 years of experience in research, management of R & D projects and the management of the organization. His professional career began as an assistant at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. In 2005 he joined TECOS, initially as a young researcher, then as Director of Research and Development. In 2013 he was appointed to Managing Director of TECOS, which he still leads today. In recent years he was also complementary employed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and as an Associate Lecturer at the College of Polymer Technology in Slovenj Gradec, where he is also in the process for the election of the Assistant Professor.

    He is an expert in the field of management of work processes, processing of polymer materials and the development of bio-composite materials. In particular he has in recent years focused on enterprise management, human resources and production processes. He has authored or co-authored more than 70 scientific and expert papers and has so far led over 20 international R & D projects (FP7, H2020, ERA-Net, EUREKA, Interreg, etc.).

  • Dr. Žepič Vesna +

    Field: Forestry, wood and paper industry

    Vesna Žepič obtained her Bachelor's degree in 2010 from the Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources Managament at Biotechnical Faculty, University in Ljubljana. In 2011 she joined the Development Centre TECOS as a research associate and in 2015 she received her PhD in Bioscience at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

    Her working areas are chemical functionalization of lignocellulosic materials (wood, cellulose nanofibrils and nanowhiskers), study of natural fiber/polymer interface in nanocomposite materials, with a special knowledge on chemistry of lignocellulosic materials, preparation and optimisation of nanocomposite manufacturing processes and characterization techniques for determination of their properties.

    She has been working as a member or coordinator on several applied R&D international and national R&D projects and she is the first author of several scientific publications and conference papers.

  • M.Sc. Glojek Andrej +

    Field: Production technologies and systems.

    Andrej Glojek is product manager of plastic and simulations. On TECOS is employed for 20 years. He is responsible for injection molding simulation (Moldflow) for the mechanical and thermal calculations (Abaqus), development of products and molds for plastics. He also carries out educations in the field of plastic materials processing (preparation for injection molding process, machine settings…), mold design and mold manufacturing of injection molding process, material testing and simulation of injection molding.

    He participated in several national and international research and development projects in various fields. During the work at Tecos he is additional to plastics processing field worked also on massive forging, development of tools for forging, CNC-programming and tools and simulations for sheet metal forming.

    Since 2007 he cooperates with the Faculty of polymer technology in Slovenj Gradec as a Senior Lecturer, from 2011 at the College of industrial engineering in Celje, he is also a lecturer at the Vocational College in Velenje. He is the author of several scientific and professional articles.

  • Botolin Luka +

    Field: Production technologies and systems

    Luka Botolin is the product leader of department for 3D optical scanning, GD&T measurement and reverses engineering – digiCEN inside the TECOS R&D centre. Altogether has over the 15 years of working experiences.

    He has been engaged in the digiCEN since 2003 when TECOS as the firs institution in Slovenia introduced 3D-optical scanner GOM ATOS (currently we operate with third generation of the optical scanning system). He is expert for advanced 3D-modeling and operates with different special software tools for reverse engineering: CopyCAD, TEBIS, Geomagic, GD&T industrial measuring: GOM Inspect and CAD modelling: Simens Nx and Ideas.

    Parallel to implementation of R&D industrial projects he occasionally lectures at Polymer Technology College, College of Industrial Engineering and ACADEMIA. Previously he was also involved in conducting numerous international and national R&D projects and was at the beginning of his professional carrier active in the field of bulk metal forging and Al and Mg alloys casting.

  • Anton Kočar +

    Field: Mechanics / Numerical modelling

    Anton Kočar is the development engineer, responsible for injection moulding simulations and structural FEM analyses. He has 1 year of working experiences, new relevant experiences he gaining with solving everyday real industrial problems.

    His profession expertise covers the processes of injection moulding and advanced computational numerical simulations of injection moulding in software package Moldflow Insight and structural FEM analyses in software package Abaqus CAE. He significantly contributes to the development of new product and tools, as well as the production optimization. He has also experiences in design of new products. His references and experiences are proved through numerous successfully solved industrial projects.

  • Matej Žnidaršič +

    Field: Mechanics / Numerical modelling

    Matej Žnidaršič is a development engineer, responsible for structural FEM analyses. As a new member of the TECOS team, his experiences are obtained by solving everyday industrial problems.

    He has more than 6 years of working experiences as a graduate civil engineer, of which 5 years in the field of road design.

    His professional field covers structural FEM analyses in Abaqus CAE software package.

  • Dr. Matjaž Milfelner +

    There is no translation available.

    Področje: Priprava in implementacija EU financiranih projektov / Vodja oddelka za izdelovalne tehnologije

    Matjaž Milfelner

    Vsebina v pripravi.

  • Simona Knežević Vernon +

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    Področje: Priprava in implementacija EU financiranih projektov / Vodja industrijskega združenja

    Simona Kneževič Vernon

    Vsebina v pripravi.


  • Peter Fajs +

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    Področje: Laboratorij za aplikativne materiale / Oddelek za digitalizacijo

    Peter Fajs

    Vsebina v pripravi.

  • Bojan Podpečan +

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    Področje: Mehanika / Numerično modeliranje

    Bojan Podpečan

    Vsebina v pripravi.


  • Matevž Ograjenšek +

    There is no translation available.

    Področje: Zasnova in konstruiranje izdelkov in orodij

    Matevž Ograjenšek

    Vsebina v pripravi.

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  • Technical Staff +

  • Šparaš Pajk Polonca +

    Field: Concept and designing of products and moulds

    Polonca Šparaš Pajk is a Development Engineer in the TECOS Development Department. She has more than 15 years of working experience in the field of product design and mould design.

    Her professional career consists of a 1 year of product design assistant in the Development Department of the company BSH Home Appliances, d.o.o. Nazarje, 4 years of working in the company SILIKO, d.o.o. as a Design Engineer for moulds for rubber injection moulding, more than 10 years she works as Development Engineer in the Development Department of TECOS. His professional career began abroad in the company SKF ENGINEERING & Research Centre, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, where she worked as trainee at Test Technology Centre.

    According to the professional field she covers the development of plastic, rubber and metal products, and construction of moulds for plastics and rubber injection moulding. During her professional career she worked several times as Design Engineer outworker in the Development Departments of various Slovenian companies (Gorenje Orodjarna, d.o.o., BSH Hišni aparati, d.o.o. Nazarje and Gorenje, d.d.).

    Currently she is just about to complete master's studies at the Faculty of Technology of Polymers.

  • Bizjak Zoran +

    Field: Laboratory operator

    Zoran is extremely important part of TECOS for injection moulding projects and material and tool testing. During his time at TECOS he gained a lot of experience at processing of wide range of thermoplastic materials, also thermosets and MIM. Due to that he is a very important factor at research, implementation and validation of R&D projects in the field of materials, tooling and injection moulding technologies. From his previous employer Siliko he has a lot of experience also in processing LSR or rubber materials. Furthermore, he often takes a lead role in leading and communication with clients at our workshop projects for the industry.

  • Bordon Špela +

    Field: Administration

    Špela Bordon is a business secretary and has been working for TECOS for over 13 years. Her main tasks are addressing communication with consumers, business partners, managing personnel records, help with organizing seminars and conferences, preparation of different documentation, accounting, organizing meetings, training courses, business trips and other secretarial work, which is critical for uninterrupted functioning of the R&D center.

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  • Research Group for Advanced Technologies (SICRIS: 1522-002) +

  • Head: Gazvoda Samo +

    Field: Materials / Polymer materials

    Samo Gazvoda is the Technical director (CTO) of the TECOS development department since 2005. He is responsible for leading the team, work coordination and acquisition of business management. He cooperates at strategic developing of TECOS and also manages industrial projects.

    Professionally, he works especially with product development, 3D scanning and reverse engineering. He has good overview of rapid prototyping and tool making technologies. He has also management skills and experiences with implementation of R&D work within national and international R&D projects.

    He is a lecturer at Polymer Technology College and is author of more than 10 scientific articles published in different scientific conferences and journals.

  • Dr. Kusić Dragan +

    Field: Systems and cybernetics / Knowledge on systems management

    Dragan Kusić is the head of mechatronics department and member of the British Institute of Measurement and Control. He has more than 7 years of working experience in the field of management and implementation of national and international R&D projects. He deals with the development of innovative control and monitoring solutions, which are intended for plastics-processing industry.

    He possesses rich practical experience in the field of controlling injection moulding machines, smart tools and industrial manipulators, optimization of injection moulding process, polymer testing (thermoplastics, thermosets, MIM, etc.), non-destructive testing, development of embedded systems, sensors and actuators, as well as the design, installation and management of systems that are intended for automated industrial processes.

    He is a lecturer (in the fields of electrical engineering and mechatronics) at the Faculty of Polymer Technologyand is the author of over 40 scientific and professional articles and owner of one patent.

  • Dr. Žagar Boštjan +

    Field: Electronic components and technologies / Optoelectronics

    Short CV follows shortly.

  • Vurcer Matej +

    Field: Energetics / Renewable sources and technologies

    Matej Vurcer is a development engineer at the TECOS CAE and digitalization department. He graduated at University of Maribor Faculty for Mechanical Engineering. He has 7 years working experiences in field of constructing machines and appliances, executing complex projects and welding process control.

    He is specialist for product development, modeling and designing, 3D scanning, metrology, geometry measurements (GD&T) and reverse engineering. He also lectures 3D scanning, reversed engineering and geometry measurements.

  • Potočnik Natalija +

    Field: Economics

    Natalija Potočnik has worked at the project department for over 12 years. Her work is dedicated to study new project applications, as well as administrative management of the project (financial reporting, administrative support, etc.). She works as a researcher on the field of economics and she covers national and international projects/calls.

    She compiles and processes data for management and accounting. Her scope of work includes communication with banks, ministries and other institutions, which are required to report and prepare data.

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Sample Project

Quickly to precise 3D model of a mill for manufacturing of replacement parts

Quickly to precise 3D model of a mill for manufacturing of replacement parts

The client had to renew a wore down rotor with knife segments for which they didn't have any documentation. With precise 3D scanning of the original and creation of functional CAD model we provided them with data for production of replacement.

Thermoplastic oil filter housing warpage prediction due to injection moulding

Thermoplastic oil filter housing warpage prediction due to injection moulding

The customer has presumed problems with excessive warpage in the stage of tool design. The material is PA66 with 30% of glass fibers. With the help of advanced injection moulding analysis we predicted the trend and values of warpage and thus successfully eliminated the problems.

Analysis of Deep Drawing Process

Analysis of Deep Drawing Process

Our client has planned a single phase deep drawing process for the presented case, however several doubts about manufacturability arose. The conducted analysis has cleared all doubts.

With Autodesk Advanced Material Exchange and Abaqus to precise results of structural FEM for fiber reinforced materials

With Autodesk Advanced Material Exchange and Abaqus to precise results of structural FEM for fiber reinforced materials

We made a comparative study between experimentaly and numerically determined strength of a fibre reinforced product, which yielded extremely good match of the results from both methods.

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