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HIDSENZ – Pressure sensor for controlling the injection moulding process

The main objective of the project is to develop a new product – a pressure sensor for controlling the injection moulding process

logotipi hidsenz

We are developing a pressure sensor for controlling the injection moulding process, with the following characteristics:

  • diagnostics, prognostics and self-maintenance of smart machines and processes;
  • design of new components that will contribute to stronger integration of the physical and digital world in factories of the future;
  • development of modern tools and components for systems and processes monitoring and control.

Project description: 

In response to the globalisation of business and manufacturing processes and the increasing demands for quality and security, the worldwide need for intelligent management systems in automated processes is growing. The need to monitor production processes in real time is growing, especially in the automotive industry, where the built-in safety components are crucial. Injection of plastic materials is often a blind process, since the user relies on the process parameters of the injection moulding machine itself, but at the same time does not have a direct insight into what is happening in the mould. For the needs of the automotive industry, Hidria AET has developed a pressure sensor called the Hidria Optymus Pressure Sensing System, which is integrated into the Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG) for the requirements of EURO 6 and EURO 7. Hidria has been awarded the CLEPA Association of European Automobile Suppliers for this innovation. Knowledge and technological processes of the development of PSG plugs with pressure sensor will be used to develop a pressure sensor that can be used in industrial processes, for example, injection moulding of polymer materials, aluminium and magnesium die casting, LSR processing, powder spraying, etc.

The key objective of the pressure sensor development is to increase the efficiency of the use of resources in order to reduce electricity and water consumption during processing, reduce the consumption of raw materials and increase the use of recycled materials with the goal of sustainable development.

Hidria and TECOS, in accordance with the objectives of the fifth priority of Slovenia's development strategy, will have to influence the reduction of energy and material intensity. For both partners, the HIDSENZ project means the adoption of new specific expertise in key areas, for example, in the field of monitor, control and optimisation of the injection process with the help of a developed pressure sensor and the development of modern complex injection moulds that will have integrated and affordable pressure sensors.


The role of TECOS:

The role of TECOS is predominantly to extensively test, validate and improve the functionality of the developed prototype pressure sensor as well as performing comparative tests with existing pressure sensors on a specially developed prototype injection mould.


Contact person at TECOS: dr. Dragan Kusić


logotipi hidsenz final


The investment is co - financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

  • Project status: Running
  • Duration: 9. 2. 2018 - 6. 2. 2020
  • Programme:,
  • Coordinator: Hidria AET d.o.o
  • Other partners: TECOS - Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre

  • Project status
  • Duration
    9. 2. 2018 - 6. 2. 2020
  • Programme,
  • Coordinator
    Hidria AET d.o.o
  • Other partners
    TECOS - Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre