Our Representative Projects

TECOS, as part of engineering services to TILCO TRADING PTE, participated in the development of an ear wax cleaning device to ensure proper ear hygiene. How did the cooperation take place and what was TECOS' task?

TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Center integrates R&D projects and our industrial project development for industry.

TECOS has developed the NeoRhythm  is the first brainwave entrainment device with multi-coil structure and gesture controls, which makes it one of the most user-friendly neurostimulation devices on the market.

ULLA is a smart reminder that reminds you to drink more water. 

Numerical simulations made it possible to quickly and cost-effectively identify and eliminate the cause of excessive deformation to the sleeve. 

TECOS has been offering support to Slovene and foreign partners in tooling, plastics and sheet metal processing with simulations and elastomeric analysis for 23 years. For some partners, we also provide comprehensive services, such as the development of new products.

Modern road lighting is an important issue for every city, as its function ensures greater safety of pedestrians, drivers and other users of public areas. There is an increased usage of modern LED lamps, which raise the good name of howsoever small cities with their design and low energy consumption. However, every street lamp is subject to a number of natural and weather influences, in which it must operate properly and ensure its function.

At TECOS, we performed a static calculation of the street lamp for the client with the help of computer simulations in the Abaqus CAE software package. The client wanted to test the load capacity of the lamp in various load cases and different temperatures.

Our client wanted to reduce vibration in their washing machines, so an in-depth FEM analysis was performed in the Abaqus software to explore various alternative options. 

Complete scanning of mould inserts and reverse engineering for the purpose of production of spare parts were performed for our client that relocated their moulds to a new injection moulder and had no 3D or 2D documentation. During the analysis, several technological issues were observed that were resolved with the injection moulding simulation.

For our client SIJ we performed reverse engineering of a sculpture, the first prize for The Slovenian Athlete of the Year 2016 contest. The biggest challenge was to create a technological model for sand casting process which captured all details of the original artist's design.

We made a comparative study between experimentaly and numerically determined strength of a fibre reinforced product, which yielded extremely good match of the results from both methods.

Our client has planned a single phase deep drawing process for the presented case, however several doubts about manufacturability arose. The conducted analysis has cleared all doubts.

The customer has presumed problems with excessive warpage in the stage of tool design. The material is PA66 with 30% of glass fibers. With the help of advanced injection moulding analysis we predicted the trend and values of warpage and thus successfully eliminated the problems.

The client had to renew a wore down rotor with knife segments for which they didn't have any documentation. With precise 3D scanning of the original and creation of functional CAD model we provided them with data for production of replacement.

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