Quickly to precise 3D model of a mill for manufacturing of replacement parts

The client had to renew a wore down rotor with knife segments for which they didn't have any documentation. Rotor was not operating well anymore and renewal was absolutely necessary. 


Problem definition:

  • a need for renewal of a product without any production documentation or 3D model
  • critical production, no time for long downtimes
  • large wear made it impossible to do direct copying
  • complex geometry prevents the usage of manual technics of 3D modelling
  • demands for high accuracy due to rotary motion



With the use of leading equipment for 3D scanning and reverse engineering we successfully performed the following:

  • 3D scanning of 4 positions (2 positions of knives, rotor and push-knife segment) with the accuracy of 0,03 mm
  • reverse engineering (creation of functional CAD model) of all segments based on scanned data
  • reconstruction of wore down areas according with customer's instructions



  • dimensional accordance of replacement parts
  • short production down-time because of scanning
  • restored original functionality and productivity of the equipment


Izrabljen rotor

Wore down rotor with mounting spots for the segment of push-knife


Segment potisnega noža

Push-knife segment


Vmesna kontrola odstopkov modela od originala

Interim comparisson of scanned vs CAD data


Natančen model sestava rotorja in segmenta noža

Final result (half), representing actual state and prepared for further CAD/CAM operations

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