ULLA – Smart Hydration Reminder

ULLA is a smart reminder that reminds you to drink more water. 

TECOS has been supporting Slovenian and foreign partners in the fields of tooling, plastics and sheet metal processing with simulations and elastic mechanical analyses for 25 years. We also provide integrated solutions such as new product development for some of our partners.

ulla 3

Picture 1: ULLA on a water bottle


ULLA is a smart reminder (gadget) that reminds you to drink more water. ULLA is the result of our own product development and benefits those who forget that their body needs more fluid than we normally drink daily. According to some studies, the human body needed 8 glasses of water 2.5 litres of liquid. ULLA combines both motion sensors and light sensors, allowing it to detect the presence of the user and adjust the water drinking intervals. ULLA is simply installed to any glass or bottle.

We, together with ULLA LABS, designed plastic products that had to meet the following criteria:

  • The product must be easily assembled and disassembled.
  • It must be able to be affixed to any glass and/or bottle.
  • The product durability must allow for the product to survive a fall.
  • The product should be as round as possible, as the user touches it on each time they drink.
  • The product is in contact with the skin; therefore, the product materials must not cause any skin reactions or allow substances to pass from the product to the human body,
  • The product usage temperature is from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C.

The construction of plastic products always starts with the recognised functions of the product, whilst considering, at the design phase, the technological and technical limitations of processes and materials. Processes include processing of tools, plastic processing, and welding technology. The material characteristics are derived from used steels for tools, thermoplastic materials, colourants for thermoplastics.

Polypropylene PP was selected as the injection moulding material. The material has all the certificates for use in the food industry. The material is transparent, which we used for the upper element, which had to emit a certain light.

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Picture 2: Ulla up close

The whole product is a set of 5 semi-finished products: an electronic circuit, a battery, a strap for securing the product and an upper and lower part. The installation of the electronic circuit and battery in the lower part is unique making it impossible to install incorrectly. The strap is positioned with a specially adapted tab on the upper part.

TECOS's role in the project was to design the entire product, tool and to produce plastic products in a regular series. With its team, TECOS designed the details of the interior, not the outer shape and dimensions of the interior. At the same time, with the help of analyses we regularly checked the filling and possible emergence of cold joints and air inclusions.


ulla 5

Picture 3: How is ULLA made?


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