Development of the NeoRhythm brainwave entrainment device

TECOS has developed the NeoRhythm  is the first brainwave entrainment device with multi-coil structure and gesture controls, which makes it one of the most user-friendly neurostimulation devices on the market.

It helps you get into the desired state of mind by emitting scientifically supported frequencies through electromagnetic fields. The brain synchronizes with these frequencies to help you relax, enhance focus, energize body and mind, fall asleep quicker and sleep better, meditate better or soothe your pain. NeoRhythm is a low/medium-intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation device (LI/MI rTMS). With appropriate positioning of the coils inside the device, which generate electromagnetic fields, we precisely target the right brain locations to get the desired effect.  NeoRhythm’s efficiency is confirmed by two independent double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and supported by many other scientific studies.

19-11-19 tecos NeoRhythm 1

Figure 1: NeoRhythm device

TECOS was tasked with determining the shape of the device with all the desired functionality. One of the major development requirements was the adaptability of the device to different head sizes and providing as least intrusive use as possible. Due to the desired flexibility of the device, we developed various concepts that were mechanically verified by computer simulations and physically fabricated with prototype technologies and tested (different concepts of the device are shown in Figure 1). We have produced all the necessary documentation for the construction of batch production tools for the chosen concept, which allows for easy flexibility. The technological manufacturing process was verified by computerized injection moulding simulations and the product, tool constructions and manufacturing process were optimized. The certification and production phase of batch production tools was followed by zero production in October 2019, with the latest optimisation of tools and the start of batch production in early November 2019.

19-11-19 tecos NeoRhythm 2

Slika 2: Close-up of NeoRhythm device


TECOS has been successfully cooperating with Slovenian companies for over 25 years and is also recognized within Europe. It is involved in all branches of the manufacturing industry, specializing in the design, optimization and development of (mainly plastic) parts, processes, materials and the entire production system and its individual assemblies. It offers integrated solutions to companies from different industries - turnkey projects in product development, which include product design based on an idea, advanced computer-aided analysis (from mechanical, thermal calculations to various technological simulations, such as plastic injection moulding simulations), prototyping, small-scale and batch production of plastic components, component measurements and reverse engineering and installation of batch production processes.


19-11-19 tecos NeoRhythm 3

Figure 3: Simulations are an important part of product development.

You can support the development of NeoRhythm on the INDIEGOGO crowdfunding platform. You can also visit for more information about the device, and for more information on TECOS engineering services, visit HERE.



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