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TILCO TRADING PTE: Development of an ear wax cleaning device

TECOS, as part of engineering services to TILCO TRADING PTE, participated in the development of an ear wax cleaning device to ensure proper ear hygiene. How did the cooperation take place and what was TECOS' task?

Tilcare needed a new product. The task of TECOS was to develop a catch tank, a water filling system and a nozzle for spraying water into the ear. All components had to adapt to the shape of the existing pump. So, we first scanned the shape of the pump with an Atos Compact Scan 5M optical scanner to obtain the STL (point cloud). With the process of reverse engineering, we prepared a CAD model of the shape, which served as the basis for the further construction of the catch vessel.



We then prepared several different concepts of the catch tank and the filling system. Together with Tilcare, we selected the most suitable version for further development. The suitability and functionality of the product were continuously checked with prototypes. We made prototypes with our 3D printer, which builds layers using FDM technology.


3D scan of the existing pump (STL), which served as the basis for further construction of the catch tank.

During the final stages of the project, we performed plastic injection molding simulations in the Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight software package; we determined the optimal place for topping up the device, we checked the deformations of the piece, determined the appropriate material and checked the possible occurrence of defects. Based on the results, we prepared requirements for the manufacture of tools, which served as guidelines for toolmakers. We also prepared the technical documentation of the pieces.


The concept of the catch tank and filling system.


You can watch the product development in the video below.


What Tilen TerĨelj Schweizer, a representative of the TILCARE brand, said about the cooperation?

With the help of TECOS, we successfully developed an electric ear washer. TECOS as recommended to us by a toolmaker with whom TECOS has worked in the past. We were very pleased with the cooperation, as they made a professional product and adhered to the agreed deadlines. Thus, the mutual cooperation from the development of the ear washer was transferred to our further development projects of new products. We decided to develop the product on the basis of demand and inadequate existing solutions on the market. We wanted to develop a user-friendly product for rinsing earwax, which we achieved with TECOS, so I would recommend their services to other partners.


Plastic injection molding simulations in the Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight software package.

As part of engineering services, TECOS has been cooperating with various Slovenian and foreign companies for more than 25 years and offers them a comprehensive range of services in product development. In recent years, we have collaborated with many innovative start-ups and development-oriented companies. With some, we cooperated in product development only in individual phases, and in some we took over the entire turnkey product development. The latter includes product design based on an idea, advanced computer-aided analysis (from mechanical, thermal calculations to various technological simulations, e.g. plastic injection molding simulations), prototyping, tool construction and manufacturing, small series and mass production of plastic components, scanning and measurement of injected components and optimization of production processes for serial production. We have collected some examples of cooperation with Slovenian and foreign start-ups (Ulla, NeoRhythm, Xvida, Savvy) on the case study page.

This year, among other things, we successfully completed the cooperation in the case study highlighted with the company Tilco Trading PTE, which is engaged in the development and sale of medical devices for personal care.