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One of the key activities of TECOS is the promotion of Slovene tool making, the classification of the industry as one of the key strategic areas of the Slovenian economy and the transfer of the latest technologies into toolmaking companies. The Slovenian strategy for smart specialisation S4 defines 9 different Strategic Research and Innovation Partnerships (SRIPs). The largest among them is SRIP Factories of the Future (SRIP FoF), which brings together representatives of the economy, research and other organisations and countries in this priority area.

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The SRIP FoF coordinator is Jožef Stefan Institute, and TECOS is responsible for the field of toolmaking, where companies integrate themselves into the "Smart Mechatronic Tools" value chain. The core tasks of SRIP FoF are:

  • identification and integration of Slovenian research and innovation knowledge and experience from the industrial and academic spheres;
  • highlighting the priority break-through areas of new products, services and technologies for future factories;
  • the construction of a supportive environment with professional services for industry and research organisations for all stakeholders to realise, with an emphasis on emerging new cutting-edge technologies that combine and upgrade existing Slovenian research and innovation achievements.

As the director of the Jožef Stefan Institute, dr. Jadran Lenarčič, said: "The goal of the Strategic Development and Innovation Partnership of the Factories of the Future is to create an open and friendly environment for the development of breakthrough and prospective innovations that will go beyond the national framework. By linking partners from science and economy and by engaging all common potentials, unprecedented opportunities for the development of new products and technologies are opening up, which will be an excellent basis for greater economic competitiveness in the international arena."


SRIP FoF will operate in the following focal areas:

  • robotic systems and components,
  • intelligent management systems for factories of the future,
  • smart mechatronic tools,
  • intelligent laser systems,
  • smart plasma systems,
  • advanced sensors,
  • new materials,
  • smart factories.

The establishment, development and maintenance of six horizontal networks will provide key technologies for factories of the future within SRIP FoF and for other strategic development and innovation partnerships in Slovenia:

  • robotics,
  • management technologies,
  • nanotechnologies,
  • photonics,
  • plasma technologies,
  • modern technology for materials.

The goal of all areas is the creation of pervasive products, technologies and processes for the factories of the future, which represent the central area of integration of these areas, and at the same time they represent an exceptional potential for creating new business chains and synergies between the academic environment and interested companies.

Within the framework of SRIP FoF, TECOS’s primary objective is to intensify the connection of Slovene toolmakers and prepare them for the challenges of the new industrial revolution - Industry 4.0. With the active involvement of all stakeholders, tool makers and users, it is possible to overcome problems and find solutions for all weak areas.
A joint approach of key actors in the value chain in the field of toolmaking, which will connect both stakeholders in the vertical chain and horizontal Key Enabling Technologies, will lead to new products, to new smart tools, which will largely replace the current traditional tools in the future. A common focus on smart technologies, the acquisition of knowledge for new products, the integration and co-operation in the chain with other stakeholders and, above all, knowledge institutions will be reflected in the achievement of concrete technological goals:

  • reduction of the time interval for the start-up phase of the tool from installation to production of functional and aesthetically appropriate products by 30% as a result of built-in self-learning algorithms;
  • reduction of the final product price by 12% due to lower amount of waste, extension of service life and lower repair costs;
  • 10% lower total production cost due to integrated operation in the company's information ecosystem (just-in-time ordering of material, exact time of service, automatic reservation of free capacity of machines and optimization of machine occupancy, remote control of machine and tools ...);
  • 8% increase in production efficiency due to real-time adjustment of real-time process parameters;
  • significant improvement of quality control processes due to the complete traceability of technological information during the recovery process;
  • 17% increase in traffic due to the acquisition of new (above) technologies such as, for example, micro tools. By introducing all of these improvements in the next 7 years, we expect an increase in added value in the chain by 25% and an increase in exports by an additional 25%. It is also very important to note that the expected increase in the employment rate in the tooling sector by 20% and at least a 10% increase in employment in companies that are embedded in the toolmaking value chain.


Become our member

SRIP FoF gives you many benefits and services within your reach, your membership fee is a good investment. Above all, it is important that these services support your specific needs arising from your market activities. SRIP FoF will provide the following services:

  • Encouraging joint development (focus on technologies and technologies where development investments are made, linking and developing common RRI initiatives to market more demanding and integrated products and services ...).
  • Planning of internationalisation (strengthening of international co-operation, joint investments ...).
  • Integration into international economic and scientific consortia and key international and local professional associations and representation of members' interests.
  • Promoting partnerships, business models with the aim of integrating into international value chains and strengthening co-operation in various programmes and initiatives in the EU and globally ...).
  • Assistance to members in the protection of industrial property.
  • Development of human resources and employee competences.
  • Conduct workshops and trainings on the theme Factories of the Future.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in the economic and academic environment (encouraging the emergence of new businesses in conjunction with a supportive environment).
  • Representation of interests to the state (innovative orders, economic diplomacy and promotions, elimination of regulatory barriers ...).
  • Representing the interests of the SRIP and its members before the EU institutions.
  • Linking and representing the interests of members and horizontal networks in conjunction with other strategically innovative partnerships in Slovenia in cross-cutting areas.
  • Concern for the proper development and operation of domicile horizontal networks and the provision of information to members on important scientific achievements.
  • Promotion of members' achievements on social networks, websites, conferences and events and within the promotion campaign of the Slovenian economy (GZS, economic diplomacy, state visits).
  • Providing basic promotional content for members in the dissemination activities of SRIP FoF.
  • Members of the Vertical Value Chain "Smart Mechatronic Tools" also gain the full benefits of the TECOS tool cluster membership.


How to join SRIP Factories of the Future?

Your first step is to complete your declaration of membership. All further steps of the application process are co-ordinated with you by our programme office, the director and the board of directors.
The declaration is in the form of an electronic pdf form. In case you have the appropriate personal certificate of a registered issuer (SIGEN, SIGOV, PostarCa, Halcom ...), you can fill in and sign it and submit it electronically without using paper.


Please send a completed and signed declaration to: or via fax at 00 386 3 426 46 11.


Where do I get information on the operating rules and organisation of SRIP Factories of the Future?

Detailed information on the operating rules of SRIP FoF and its governing bodies, rights and duties of members can be found on the SRIP website:


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